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Rack for window sampler
A functional storage option for window sampler, extension rods, breaker hammers and tools.
Protects your equipment against dirt.

Easily folded to reduce space while transport.

Rack for window sampler Catalog page 15

Pulling device with clamping jaws
This pulling device is used to extract rods with a diameter of 22 mm.
It is specially suitable for usage with lightweight penetrometer DPL.
Weight Lifting capacity
Pulling device with clamping jaws 12,5 kg 1500 kg Catalog page 34

Milwaukee electric breaker hammer
A high performance electric breaker with 42 J impact energy. Thanks to the AVS-system with floating body, low vibration levels can be reached with 4,7 m/s² only.
Tool shaft Impact energy
Milwaukee K 2000 H with 28 mm 42 J Catalog page 27

Impact counter S-260
Inexpensive accessory for pneumatic probing. It indicates the impacts without reference to the depth since the last reset.

It has a durable aluminum casing with large display, reset-button and connection coupling.
Delivery includes assembly kit with T-piece, attachement holder for diameter 18 mm and air hose.
Impact counter S-260 Catalog page 45

Recording device SON-P
Automated recording and valuation for dynamic probing according to DIN EN ISO 22476-2.

Time consuming counting and recording of impacts is no longer neccessary. By pressing a button the recording device SON-P does the work for you. Thanks to the included software, recorded data can be evaluated on PCand printed as protocol.

The device has a storage capacity for up to 250 records. Thanks to the Footswitch, allocation of impact rate per 10 cm is easily done.

Optional also available with printer.
Recording device SON-P Catalog page 46

Electricity generator Honda EU 10i
Lightweight and compact electricity generator with inverter control.
Suitable for use with Stitz compressor aggregate E-DPL.

Electricity generator Honda EU 10i Catalog page 42

DPH-Caddy-Lifter S-180
The functional DPH-Caddy-Lifter S-180 is a helpful addition for use of the Stitz heavyweight penetrometer DPH.

It can be used to transport the penetrometer, as well as for the direct operation of the penetrometer.

DPH-Caddy-Lifter can take up the penetrometer and transport it to the drilling point. Thanks to the four adjustable parking supports, the mast can be levelled in case of uneven ground. Thus rods can be vertically driven into the ground.

Using a hand winch, the penetrometer is cranked up and then lowered onto the striking head screwed on the rod.

Due to the attached compressed air connection on the mast, the penetrometer can be switched on and off.

The pluggable support wheels in front and other parts plugged onto the DPC-Caddy-Lifter S-180 can be removed for transport. Transport weight is ca. 39,7 kg.
Lifting height Lifting capacity Weight
DPH-Caddy-Lifter S-180 1480 mm 70 kg 64,2 kg Catalog page 44

Product Videos
Transport tool DPM/DPH
Lightweight and small-sized tool to carry heavyweight Stitz DPM and DPH penetrometer.
Transport tool DPM/DPH Catalog page 45

Sediment corer
Sediment corer is applied to take soft and muddy sediment samples. The sediment corer is extenable and can be used by hand in shallow shore areas or in deep water.

When lowered the integrated valve opens, no backwater occurs. The sediment corer pierces the ground. When lifted the valve closes. The resulting negative pressure retains the sediment sample in the tube.
Sediment corer ∅ 50 mm Catalog page 55
Electric contact meter
Electric contact meter allows a quick and easy measurement of water levels. Used in wells, tanks, drilling holes and to control pumping tests.

Available with visual and acoustic signal.

Electric contact meter with plummet diameter 12 mm and 15 mm are also available with frame stand.
Length Plummet ∅
Electric contact meter with 15 m 10 mm Catalog page 58
Electric contact meter with 15 m 12 mm Catalog page 58
Electric contact meter with 30 m 12 mm Catalog page 58
Electric contact meter with 15 m 15 mm Catalog page 58
Electric contact meter with 30 m 15 mm Catalog page 58

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