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Sand gauge according to DIN EN ISO 14688-1
A handy display aid for determining sand size distribution on site.

By subdividing into five main grain sizes, from silt to sand to gravel, the sand gauge provides a practical, descriptive means of comparison.

Sand gauge Catalog page 15
Hand drill SK
The optimized hand drill, is suitable for soil sampling from light, medium and heavy soils.

The rubber handles provice a firm grip for the hands. Comfortable treads make piercing the soil much easier.

With revised grooved shovel type for optimized operation. The hand drill is also suitable for hammering in with a mallet.
Hand drill SK Catalog page 21
Handcart SH
The steerable 2-axle handcart SH is thanks to its sturdy welded steel construction suitable to transport the lightweight penetrometer from STITZ.

To transport the equipment, either the aluminum transportbox of the lightweight penetrometer from STITZ or alternatively the plastic transport case can be used.

Optional probe rod holder can be mounted on the side of the handcart for additional storage of the probe rods.

The handcart can be disassembled into four stowable individual parts. These parts can be stowed inside the aluminum transportbox.
Handcart SH Catalog page 49
Compressor aggregate DPH-R
NEW the DPH-R compressor aggregate with wheel set.

The high-performance compressor aggregate with gasoline engine is mounted in a sturdy frame with wheel set. This aggregate can be used for light, medium and heavy dynamic probing (DPH, DPM, DPL).

The solid rubber tires are suitable for use in the field. The compressor aggregate can be transported with the removeable drawbar.
Compressor aggregate DPH-R Catalog page 42
Wacker BH 55 gasoline breaker hammer
Toolholder Impact energy
Wacker BH 55 with ∅ 27x80 mm 55 J Catalog page 28
Pneumatic operated lightweight penetrometer DPL
This penetrometer is used for the dynamic probing light (DPL) to measure the penetraion resistance during soil investigations. Soil investigations can be quickly executed and are suitable for testing solidity changes in the ground.

The compact compressor aggregate MBP - DPL with 4-stroke-HONDA-gasoline engine is mounted in a sturdy carrying frame and offers functional storage space for accessories and the penetrometer.

The impact rate of the penetrometer can be adjusted via an easy accessible volume flow controller. Due to the integrated hand valve on the compressed-air hose one person can turn the device on or off.

Easy handling and its low weight provide high mobility at the terrain.

Pneumatic operated lightweight penetrometer DPL Catalog page 40

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Pneumatic operated lightweight penetrometer DPL-R
The compressor aggregate MBP - DPL-R is optionally available as a version with wheels and various storage options.

Thanks to the solid rubber tires, the compressor aggregate is suitable for mobile use in the field.
The two storage compartments hold up to 6 pcs. rods ∅ 22x1000mm.

The tool compartment to the side ensures that the tools are safely stored.
The drawbar is removeable and can be stored on the frame to save space for transport in the vehicle.

Pneumatic operated lightweight penetrometer DPL-R Catalog page 41

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Peristaltic pump SL-18
The battery-powered peristaltic pump SL-18 is connected to the delivery hose via the hose holder sheet SHB.
The adapter SL can be used to attach the peristaltic pump directly to the gauge tube.
Liquid is pumpped up with an foot valve pump.

After immersing the foot valve pump in the water, water enters the hose.
The water is conveyed by an oscillating movement of the hose.
Escape of volatile organic substances is kept to a minimum.
Peristaltic pump SL-18 Catalog page 55

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Torque wrench S-280
The torque wrench is required for a proper analysis according to DIN EN 22476-2.
Torque wrench S-280 Catalog page 47

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